Environmental Technology

Teaching systems for a contemporary education in environmental technology

Renewable energies have long been a fixed part of heating technology, and the share of renewables is continuously rising. The teaching system for heating technology with renewable energy is the centrepiece of the training lab for environment technology.

In the meantime, it consists of nine mobile training stands, which can be combined with each other differently according to the system concept and learning objective. With the solar power laboratory, the basic and expert knowledge of photovoltaics can also be taught.

Learning objectives

  • Photovoltaics

  • Heat pump

  • Solar heating

  • Biomass heating

  • Electrical energy storage with energy management to optimise internal consumption

Suitable for

  • HVAC professions

  • Electronics engineer specialising in building services technology

  • Advanced HVAC/environmental technology training


  • approx. 190 m²

  • 10 trainees

incl. Compontents for Off-grid and On-grid Systems
Basic Configuration

Due to regional legal differences, we would like to note that it is possible that not all products depicted are available for every region. In this case, we will be happy to advise you personally and find a suitable individual solution.

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