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Competence Centres

Learning Concepts and Teaching Systems to Look, Touch and Try Out

Future-oriented Products and Concepts – Expert Advice – Workshops – Train-the-Trainer Events

XCompetence Centre Berlin
Fasanenstrasse 85
10623 Berlin
+49 7531 5801-110
XCompetence Centre Landsberg (near Munich)
Celsiusstraße 15
86899 Landsberg am Lech
+49 7531 5801-110
XCompetence Centre Rheine
Schulten Sundern 14
48432 Rheine
+49 7531 5801-110
XHead Office Konstanz
Hermann-Hesse-Weg 2
78464 Konstanz
+49 7531 5801-110

Our Sites

You can reach one of our Competence Centres in Germany in a maximum of 300 km. Our consultants and trainers are looking forward to your visit!

Look – Touch – Try out

For anyone involved in technical education, whether as a teacher, trainer or human resources manager, a visit to one of our competence centres will be worthwhile. We invite you to learn about our innovative product solutions for technical education and training and to discover the latest trends and developments in technical education.

Modern Competence Centres for Technical Education

In Landsberg and in Rheine, we proudly showcase our different thematic worlds for technical education and training.

  • Automation Technology and Industry 4.0
  • Electrical Engineering and Mechatronics
  • Metal Technology
  • Control Technology
  • Automotive Technology
  • HVAC and Renewable Energies
  • Solutions with Augmented/Virtual Reality

Experience how modern teaching of technical learning content works with teaching systems and teaching aids. Get a first-hand impression of technical training labs and laboratories for vocational training and further training.

Benefit from our educational competence for training and further education

Experience training lab concepts hands-on

All over the world we provide technical teaching systems and fully equipped training labs so that teachers can impart the knowledge needed under ideal conditions. Take a look around, test and get first-hand information.

Fully equipped showrooms, workshops and laboratories

When we design training labs, we think holistically. We plan your rooms and equip them completely. Starting with the tools, media, teaching systems or training stands to the didactic materials. The synergy is the key to success!

Tailor-made solutions need the best advice

Our consultants will take time for your questions and needs. Step by step, we will guide you through the project planning of your new rooms. You will receive valuable practical tips and see how you can use teaching aids and didactic materials specifically in training. Ask us!

Trainings for vocational and further training at the centre

We offer training on the following topics:

Pneumatics / Electro­pneumatics
Electric drives in vehicles
CNC technology
PLC technology
Augmented and virtual reality
and much more

Workshops & Trainings

We conduct workshops and train-the-trainer courses in our modern equipped training rooms in our competence centres. The technical courses are practice-oriented. You can and should be hands-on yourself and work with our teaching systems, test the software solutions, operate machines or systems under guidance.

Our further training enables your skilled workers to be fit

  • Technical workshops for the qualification of skilled workers
  • International train-the-trainer courses
  • Workshops on the use of AR/VR in education and training
  • Corporate events

The right place for your event

Take advantage of our well-equipped facilities and the unique combination of technical exhibition and event rooms. We will be happy to jointly create an individual training concept for you in our rooms. We look forward to seeing you!

We are here for you!

Knowledge Transfer – Sharing of Experience – Know-how Transfer

  • Technical Workshops

    Based on your requirements, we create individual course offers and conduct workshops directly in your company or at one of our locations in Landsberg, Rheine or Berlin.

  • Train-the-Trainer Courses

    We train instructors and technical personnel both in Germany and abroad. The focus is on the didactic teaching of technical topics such as PLC technology, pneumatics, hydraulics, CNC, automotive technology, HVAC and more.

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