Engine and Automotive Technology

Motoren- und Fahrzeugtechnik

Getting started with drive technology

This training lab can be used for training in vehicle servicing and maintenance as well as engine management diagnostics. In addition to teaching how modern engine management systems work in petrol and diesel engines, knowledge of how sensors and actuators work, the IPO principle, recording and evaluating signals and their transfer via databus, as well as how to handle modern diagnostic and measurement systems can also be taught.

Learning objectives

  • Using manufacturer-specific repair manuals and circuit diagrams

  • Identifying functional units on vehicles

  • Diagnosis and troubleshooting on petrol and diesel engines

  • Function testing on the engine management system

  • Exhaust gas after-treatment systems of petrol and diesel engines

  • Testing sensors and actuators

  • Measuring and evaluating signals

  • Testing data exchange and data transfer

  • Adjusting control units and calibrating systems

  • Troubleshooting using the diagnostic interface

  • Reading from and clearing the fault memory


  • approx. 352 m²

  • 12 trainees

Suitable for

  • Automotive professions

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Didactics suitable for this training lab

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Learning content relevant to training in automotive technology in a modern and easy-to-understand way