Christiani Equips Europe’s Most Modern HVAC Training Center

Europe’s most modern training center for professions in plumbing, heating and air conditioning technology (HVAC) is located in Munich. Christiani, the specialist for vocational training, has equipped the Munich Guild of Plumbers, Sanitary and Heating Technicians ( HVAC Guild of Munich) with modern training technology. Some training systems were developed specifically for the training center.

After about two years of construction, the training center of the HVAC guild in Munich was scheduled to open in the summer of 2021. Due to the pandemic, things turned out differently and the official opening had to be postponed by a year, although everything was set up on schedule. Christiani equipped four rooms of the training center, which covers a total of 4,000 square meters, according to the wishes and requirements of the HVAC Guild Munich.

  • 2 training workshops for heating technology
  • 1 training room for water technology
  • 1 training room for environmental technology

Training Labs for practical vocational Training and Education

The training systems for the workshops were developed by Christiani and built in the company’s own production facility in Essen. Some training systems were specially designed for the training center of the HVAC guild in Munich or adapted to the requirements.

For the storage of the mobile training stands, for example, Christiani created an integrated storage room in the training workshop, the perforated steel plate walls can be used from the outside as an assembly wall for HVAC superstructures at the same time.

Ralf Suhre, Managing Director of HVAC Guild Munich, emphasizes that Christiani was able to meet all the requirements for the conceptual implementation of the training center. “We are glad to have a partner like Christiani, who supported us with tips, hints, with advice and support, so that we realized the two aspects, conception and equipment, perfectly.”

Wastewater Wall Demonstrates Proper Piping

A highlight in the Munich training center is without question the wastewater wall constructed by Christiani. It demonstrates very clearly how wastewater behaves in the pipes in a multi-floor building and what needs to be taken into account when installing the wastewater pipes. Through transparent pipes, the path of the wastewater can be followed exactly. On the one hand, the wall shows dead sections, backsiphonage effects and other defects caused by incorrect piping. On the other hand, correct wastewater routing according to recognized standards of technology and hygiene is made visible. The importance of correct piping is thus demonstrated in a sustainable manner.

Insight into the Training Center of the HVAC Guild Munich

This short film gives a detailed impression of the impressive training center and the equipment of its training workshops. The managing director of the HVAC guild in Munich, Ralf Suhre, explains the special features of the design and execution, which is all about mapping future topics such as digitalization and networked building technology alongside the existing technology.

The HVAC Guild Munich – one of the largest in Germany

The HVAC guild in Munich represents the commercial interests of around 700 companies in the installation, heating construction and plumbing trades in the state capital Munich, the districts of Munich, Dachau and Fürstenfeldbruck, as well as the stove and air heating installers for Munich and Upper Bavaria. As a place of learning alongside the vocational school and the company, the HVAC guild in Munich trains apprentices in its workshops. It also offers advanced and further training for skilled workers and master craftsmen in the trades of installation and heating construction as well as plumbing.

The Equipment of the Training Center

The equipment of the rooms in the training center of the HVAC guild in Munich mainly includes the following teaching and workstation systems from Christiani:

Heating Technology

  • Various systems and components of conventional heating systems
    (burner test bench, boilers, heating units, condensing boilers, tank system)
  • Teaching systems for heating control, heat distribution, heating hydraulics
  • Teaching systems for gas house installation

Water Technology

  • Wastewater wall (specially developed as a teaching/demonstration system)
  • Teaching systems on drinking water, equipment of sanitary rooms, control of sanitary installations, testing of fittings

Environmental Technology

  • Modular teaching system heat pump with solar thermal and photovoltaics
  • Training model laboratory air conditioner
  • Training systems for controlled living space ventilation (single-family house, multi-family house and decentralized)

Workstation Systems

  • Workstation systems with assembly walls and energy/media supply (energy columns)
  • Learning units (mobile workstation system) in special design according to customer requirements