Central Asia

Targeted Efforts for a Strengthened Vocational Training System

The lack of skilled and qualified workers is also a highly topical issue in Central Asia.

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Aligning the TVET system with prevailing economic realities is high on the agenda of all Central Asian governments. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union most of the countries have experienced remarkable economic recovery, but the growth has not led to adequate job creation. To close the gap between the needs of the labour market and the graduates’ skills, TVET reforms were introduced and a trend towards a stronger participation of the companies is being developed.

A wide range of teaching materials are available in Russian and Mongolian at Christiani. Those stem from earlier projects carried out with EU support (Russian language) and in the framework of a GIZ Project, where Christiani teaching materials in the sectors industrial mechanics, electrical engineering and building construction were translated into Mongolian. The documents are still used in vocational education in Mongolia.
Recently, delegations of Aserbeidschan and Mongolia have visit us in Germany. We were honored to welcome representatives of TVET state Agency in Aserbeidschan in Landsberg and the education minister and other ministerial delegates of Mongolia in Berlin.

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