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Hands-on Teaching and Training in Technical Professions

The Sub-Saharan Africa region includes 49 of the 54 countries of the African continent.

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As per the recently renewed German Strategy, there is a significant focus on vocational training in Africa. With 60% of Africa’s population being under the age of 25, employment remains a major challenge. It is projected that by 2030, approximately 300 million new individuals will enter the working age group across Africa, which means there is a high demand for technical professions, including electricians, plumbers, mechanics, and others. Additionally, there is a growing need for expertise in technology and innovation, as many African economies are prioritising technology-driven industrialisation.

Christiani, a provider of teaching materials for technical vocational training with a specialisation in hands-on teaching and learning, has actively been engaged in the Sub-Saharan region. We provide support to international projects through various means, such as supplying training equipment and teaching materials in both printed form and through licensing agreements. Notably, Christiani products have been integrated into the modernisation of multiple training centres specialising in automotive technology in Ethiopia. Another noteworthy initiative, led by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, aims to train influential individuals in Africa on the fundamental aspects of solar energy.

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