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Technical Training Solutions According to the German Standard

On the Asian Pacific market and its different regions, Christiani has numerous customers with their own individual and country-specific needs. Thanks to the broad range of products and technical knowledge Christiani can meet these needs perfectly and support its customers with high-quality German standard training and education in all Asian countries.

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Christiani serves a diverse range of customers in the Asian Pacific market, catering to their unique individual and country-specific requirements. With our extensive product range and technical expertise, we are able to meet these needs effectively, providing high-quality German standard training and education across all Asian countries. In 2008, Christiani partnered with Sharpline Automation to establish the Indo-German joint venture known as Christiani Sharpline Technical Training (CSTT). Our mission at CSTT is to deliver top-notch technical and vocational education and training to our customers in India. We take great pride in the recognition and success we have achieved in both industry and university-level engagements.

China, like many other Asian countries, has experienced rapid development in recent years, emerging as one of Christiani’s key markets in the region. To better serve our customers, technical schools, universities, and companies, we established a subsidiary called Christiani Education Technology (Guangzhou) Co. Ltd. in Guangzhou in December 2021. Our highly competent team enables us to provide products and solutions for technical education according to German standards. In China, our focus lies on assisting customers in the implementation of their training labs in areas such as industry 4.0, automation technology, robotics, and electric vehicles. These training facilities are also utilized by the local government for public training initiatives.

Vietnam, with its ongoing reforms, has become increasingly attractive to many stakeholders. In shaping the country’s future, vocational and technical training will play a pivotal role. Through successful collaborations with German industry companies, Christiani has effectively transferred its knowledge to the Vietnamese industry. Together with local distributors, we have established several training labs in Vietnamese schools, specializing in mechanics, hydraulics, and automotive technology.

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