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Technical education plays a central role in the development plans of all countries in the MENA region. German know-how is in great demand there and Christiani, as a German manufacturer and provider of products and services related to technical vocational training and further training, is one of the companies contributing to the modernisation of the equipment at technical training institutions.

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At Christiani, innovation and the quality of the products are in the focus and are a central part of the company philosophy. Our products and services are well known in the MENA region and are well received by our customers. As an internationally renowned manufacturer and supplier, we have made a significant impact on the market with our high-quality products in various fields.

The sector of renewable energies is one of the areas where there is a great need for technical vocational training of skilled workers in this region. In recent years Christiani has already been able to realise several projects in this field in the MENA region and thus support the establishment and expansion of technical training structures in the region. The fact that we offer a lot of our didactic materials in French and English is a significant advantage for our customers.

In addition to renewable energies, we have already completed projects and orders in the fields of automotive technology, mechanics and electrics in the region, helping our customers to meet their needs and resolve their challenges on a high-quality level.

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