Digital examination – What vocational education and universities can learn from each other

Vocational education and universities can learn from each other, when it comes to digital examinations. This became clear at our fourth Examination Hub in Rheine, Germany. Even if the challenges faced by chambers of commerce and industry and craft associations are partly different from those at universities, there is a great deal of overlap. For example, similar framework conditions need to be clarified on both sides, many stakeholders need to be involved and a new examination culture needs to be discussed.

But we can also learn from each other in terms of hardware and organisation. Especially it became clear in our discussion, that the opportunities, innovations and the didactic added value of digital examinations with new types of tasks and media such as 3D animations, must be brought more into the focus of the general discussion.

Many thanks for the valuable impulses to Prof. Dr. Viola Deutscher, Jessica Ibba, Jens Tobor, Klaus Bourdick, Marcus Büttner, Andreas Bähre, Andreas Hilgenberg, Stefan Brüggemann and Thomas Kintrup.