Payelec SA – Vocational Education and Training

Payelec began its activities in 1993 with the aim of implementing technological developments in the field of education. Its first activities were directed towards the development and production of didactics, electrical and electronic products for teaching at all levels, both for scientific-humanistic and professional-technical training.

Payelec’s strength is the timely delivery of quality products and the implementation of comprehensive projects, whose mission and main objective is to find solutions to the needs of the customers. With its technical specialists, Payelec designs, projects and implements a technical solution adapted to the needs of customers and their geographical relevance.

The reputation that Payelec has gained in the world of education is mainly due to the quality of the services offered. Payelec strives to ensure the full satisfaction of all customers and users of the projects it carries out. All equipment and systems are perfectly installed by Payelec and are delivered with commissioning and training. Response times to customer inquiries are minimal and customer service is free of charge for its customers. Each of the didactic systems implemented by Payelec not only complies with the specifications but offers a total solution with didactic and industry-specific components.

Payelec S.A.
Almirante Riveros 015 – Piso 3
Providencia Santiago

Mr. Jose Tomas Vasquez
Phone: +56 2 2665 17 12