Practical Teaching Systems for Vocational Training

Our portfolio as a full-service provider for technical education includes not only modern teaching systems and training stands, but also didactically prepared teaching materials. For ideal learning conditions in education and training, we also offer training of your training personnel on our teaching systems. At Christiani you will find everything you need for successful and practical vocational and further training in the fields of renewable energies and HVAC!

with Solar Thermal Energy and Photovoltaics
with Power Supply and Interior Cabinet
Extended Basic Configuration
Basic Configuration
The Flexible Workplace System in Vocational Training and Further Training
Training Labs for Heating Technology, Water Technology and Environmental Technology

For vocational training in the fields of renewable energies and sanitation technology, our product range includes the following offers:

  • Experiment manuals
  • Learning cases
  • Training stands
  • Teaching systems
  • Tools and measuring equipment

HVAC Training Systems According to Your Requirements

Depending on the system and environment requirements, we customize our teaching systems and training stands for worldwide use. With our extensive product range, you also have the option of equipping complete technical and training labs for modern, hands-on teaching.

Create an ideal learning environment for the varied teaching of specialist knowledge and thus optimum conditions for exam preparation. Increase the motivation of your trainees and apprentices and thus also the quality of your in-company training.

Teaching Systems for the Practical Training of Renewable Energies

Photovoltaics, heating systems with pellets or geothermal energy and other renewable energy sources: As the variety of renewable energy technologies grows, so do the technical demands on the skilled personnel who have to plan, install, commission and maintain the corresponding systems. We have set ourselves the goal of developing practical and versatile teaching systems for professions in the field of renewable energies.

With our functional cases and teaching systems, pupils, trainees, students and specialists learn about different aspects of the technologies – depending on the teaching system, from basic understanding of energy technology to specialist knowledge for professionals. Our teaching aids are suitable for both basic and advanced technical training for renewable energy professions.

Basic Knowledge of Energy and Solar Technology

The energy transition is a more topical issue than ever and it is therefore important to familiarize children and young people with renewable energy technologies as early as possible. Anyone who has experienced how sweaty it is to operate a kettle with their own muscle power on an energy bike will get a feel for energy production.

Our teaching systems for basic education include:

  • Learning kits and teaching systems that allow students to experience the effort involved in generating energy and learn the most important parameters, technical terms, and interrelationships
  • Teaching systems for the clear and understandable teaching of energy and solar technology

All teaching systems include experiment instructions that can be used to convey technical knowledge about renewable energies in an interesting way. This is an ideal way to prepare lessons and add variety to them.

Photovoltaics, Energy Technology and Heating Technology for Beginners and Advanced Professionals

Building on the basic knowledge of energy and solar technology, we offer a comprehensive range of teaching aids for training and further education in renewable energies and the field of sanitary, heating and air conditioning technology. Starting with teaching systems and training stands, through learning cases, to experimental instructions and reference books for in-depth training, we offer a broad product portfolio.

Training Labs for Renewable Energies and HVAC

Our training labs provide ideal training and learning conditions: whether for renewable energies, plumbing, heating and air-conditioning technology or other areas: We develop labs according to the requirements of our customers – complete from consulting and needs analysis, planning and design to completion, commissioning and training of technical staff.