Technical Training Lab for Renewable Energies at RTSoft Engineering House

A modern and functional technical training lab has recently been set up on the premises of our Russian partner RTSoft at their RTSoft Engineering House in Moscow. In addition to the technical training lab, a one-week train-the-trainer course was held to give the experts on site a better understanding of the products and the possible applications. All teaching materials required for the technical training lab were provided in Russian language.

The technical training lab is part of the i-LABYRINTH, the Interactive Laboratory of Innovative Solutions and Technologies created by RTSoft. The modular structure of the i-LABYRINTH corresponds to the modern educational concept of holistic, integrated learning, including effective practical and theoretical teaching.

The modern, exemplary technical training lab for renewable energies can be used to perform several functions: 

  • The advantages of Christiani’s technical teaching aids and training methods can be demonstrated to potential customers in the technical training lab. 
  • In the technical training lab, teachers from technical schools can improve their qualifications. It is used to demonstrate the construction of modern educational paths and to develop individual training programmes. 
  • RTSoft regularly runs innovative summer and winter schools for pupils and students. In the two-week courses, conventional lessons in physics and natural sciences are successfully supplemented with practical content.