Solar Power Case
Extended Basic Configuration

Item No.: 76704

After the Generator Bike, the Solar Power Case forms the second stage of Christiani's overall didactic concept in the field of renewable energies. Instead of muscle power, the Solar Power Case lets the sun work for you.

With the Solar Power Case the student can generate his own solar power via a solar module and store it in the battery or use it in different circuits via the other components. In this way, well-founded knowledge about solar power generation and the components of solar power island technology is conveyed and deepened in a playful way.

In addition to the simple basic equipment, the extended basic equipment includes the "Buzzer" module stone, two digital multimeters on a magnetic base plate and a halogen spotlight on a tripod.

Understanding photovoltaics simply and quickly

Through application and experience-oriented learning, the experiments make it possible to understand the connection between the sun as an energy source and energy conversion and use based on photovoltaics.

The construction of the case and the connection of the module components is an easy and playful introduction to electrical and solar technology. The charging of an accumulator by means of a charge controller, the installation of a motion detector as well as first voltage and current measurements bring the first feelings of success besides the construction of simple circuits.

With the Solar Power Case, both the teacher can present the technology in theory and practice, and students and groups of students can acquire the practical basic knowledge of photovoltaics largely independently!

School projects can be planned and presented for decision-making processes with the Solar Power Case, for example for solar display case lighting or mains-independent equipment room lighting, etc. In addition to direct use in class, parents, other schoolmates and visitors can use the Solar Power Box to find out about the possible applications of photovoltaics at school festivals and project days.

The Solar Power Case consists of a sturdy functional case (in which all components can be safely stored), a solar module for power generation, module stones and cables for the construction of various solar power applications and other accessories.

  • The circuit:
    Understanding the system with energy source, lines and utilization modules
  • The energy storage device:
    Connection between charging and utilization circuit
  • The solar power system:
    Understanding individual functions and tasks of the components
  • The energy efficiency:
    Investigating the possibilities for optimising the components in the circuit
  • The project:
    Planning, building and testing a complete solar power island system
  • The experience:
    Operating an alarm system with solar power (planning, building, testing)
  • The transfer:
    Planning own solar power projects at the school
  • All general education schools, from the third grade onwards (primary, secondary and grammar schools)
  • Vocational schools
  • Company and inter-company training centres (initial and continuing training)
  • Clubs and associations
  • 1 x work case
  • 1 x photovoltaic module
  • 1 x ammeter
  • 1 x voltmeter
  • 1 x safety-low voltage socket
  • 1 x movement sensor
  • 1 x sealed lead-acid accumulator
  • 1 x regulator
  • 1 x socket battery charger
  • 1 x diode wire
  • 3 x spare fuses
  • 1 x energy saving lamp
  • 1 x lamp and LED lamp
  • 15 x red MC wires
  • 15 x blue MC wires
  • 1 x sound generator
  • 1 x digital multimeter
  • 1 x stand with 230 V halogen spotlight


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