Machine-based Material Processing - Part: Turning
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2. edition 2014, approx. 190 pages in a folder, with CD-ROM

The training workbook "Machine-based Material Processing - Part: Turning" deals with the metal removing process of turning in accordance with industrial training regulations for metal working occupations. It provides a detailed description of the main skills applied in turning, such as centring, drilling, thread cutting, taper turning, knurling, and deburring. It also presents the various types of lathes and their functions and provides instruction in professional machine operation. Detailed information is given on the checking and setting of the production parameters, and the necessary tools as well as the fitting and adjustment of the tools and workpieces is described.

A total of 12 practical exercises dealing with a variety of project tasks and each accompanied by work information, parts lists and work planning sheets as well as inspection and evaluation sheets, are contained in the workbook. The exercises themselves are structured according to the "Leittext" method and are based on the end-to-end process model. This approach fosters both working and social competence. The exercises are equally suitable for individual and group work.

Trainer file: This contains the complete training section in one file and comprises the trainer guidelines, the trainee work sheets and the textbook. A CD-ROM is also included, containing digital transparencies in printable quality.

Anticipated time required: approx. 4 weeks

  • Classify turning processes
  • Layout and operation of the lead screw/feed shaft machine lathe
  • Prepare the lathe for operation
  • Identify workpiece clamping devices and clamp workpieces in a three-jaw chuck
  • Identify workpiece clamping devices and clamp lathe tools
  • Identify and select lathe tools
  • Set the rotational speed, feed and depth
  • Measure clamped workpieces
  • Explain and use health and safety regulations and environmental protection measures
  • Explain chip formation and chip types
  • Centre workpieces
  • Explain material reference codes
  • Identify surface finish in accordance with DIN 1302
  • Determine rotational speed
  • Identify lathe tool types and cutting materials
  • Name cutting edge angles and explain how these are related
  • Explain a relief groove in accordance with DIN 76-A
  • Produce an internal thread and close-tolerance drilling
  • Fix a workpiece on a travelling lathe centre
  • Properties of thermoplastics
  • Machine polyethylene (PE)
  • Secure workpieces (PE)
  • Distinguish between internal and external radii
  • Identify profile lathe tools
  • Describe the steps involved in machining internal and external radii
  • Distinguish between, select and describe grooving and parting-off
  • Develop skills (transverse facing, longitudinal straight turning, centring, drilling, parting-off, deburring)
  • Calculation for machining the taper
  • Machine and check the taper
  • Identify and select different types of knurling
  • Describe the procedure for knurling
  • Measure with a micrometer gauge
  • Identify ISO tolerances/fit
  • Machine the threaded bolt
  • Plan and complete operations on the lathe individually
  • Describe the technique for internal turning

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