BIBB Basic Pneumatic Kit - SMC
Slide-in Technology

Item No.: 101640

This pneumatics device kit is suitable for pneumatics exercises in training rooms or workshops with students, trainees, retrainees, technicians, etc.. The devices included offer a wide range of options for setting up your own pneumatic circuits.

The device kit is adapted to the pneumatics course of the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB) and contains all the necessary components to implement practical exercises of the course, based on industrial components.

All components are designed as original industrial components so that the trainees will recognize the components in their later working environment.

The individual components are mounted as complete assemblies on a quick fastening system for grooved plates (grid dimension 25 mm) - Slide-In. This enables safe and fast assembly of the training circuits. All plug-in connections are designed for 4 mm compressed air hoses.

The device kit is delivered in a sturdy plastic case.

Storage in the transport case:

  • Handy size
  • Clearly arranged for quick access
  • Best possible protection of the contents
  • Safe storage in the foam padding also enables a quick completeness check
  • Foam inserts can be removed and placed in matching drawer cabinets to the workstation systems / laboratory benches.

For the field of pneumatics and electropneumatics, the BIBB proposes a "Basic Pneumatics Kit" and an "Extension Kit Electropneumatics".

Our BIBB Pneumatics device kits and the BIBB Electropneumatics extension device kit were developed on this basis. The device kits are suitable for demanding basic and advanced training.

  • Beginners / Transfer students
  • Pupils / Retrainees
  • Trainees / Apprentices
  • Technicians

For advanced training in the following occupations:

  • Industrial mechanic specializing in equipment and precision engineering
  • Machine and system technology and production technology
  • Construction mechanic specializing in equipment technology
  • Mechatronics technician
  • Physical fundamentals of pneumatics
  • Compressed air generation and distribution
  • Compressed air preparation
  • Cylinders and directional valves
  • Supply air and exhaust air throttling
  • AND/OR elements
  • Sequence control with single valves
  • Sequence control with step chains (cycle chains)
  • Measurement of voltage and current
  • solenoid valves
  • Basic circuit with contacts
  • Relays, latching
  • Time relays
  • Pneumatic-electric transducers
  • 1x Maintenance unit with pressure gauge and manual shut-off valve, swiveling
  • 1x manifold block with 6x shut-off valves
  • 1x single-acting round cylinder D=25 mm, H=50 mm, with rail motage for signal transmitter
  • 2x double-acting round cylinder D=25 mm, H=100 mm, with rail mounting for signal transmitter
  • 1x pressure gauge (manometer)
  • 2x 3/2 way valve, normally closed, with push button
  • 2x 3/2 way valve, normally open, with push button
  • 1x 5/2 directional control valve, one-way air operated
  • 3x 3/2 way roller lever valve, normally closed
  • 1x 3/2 directional control valve, pneumatically operated on one side
  • 3x 5/2 directional control valve, air operated on both sides
  • 1x 5/3 directional valve, middle position blocked, actuated by compressed air on both sides
  • 1x sequence valve
  • 1x delay valve
  • 1x shuttle valve
  • 3x two-pressure valve
  • 1x throttle check valve
  • 1x quick exhaust valve
  • 2x pneumatic proximity switch
  • (3/2 way valve solenoid operated)
  • 1x suction cup
  • 1x vacuum nozzle
  • 2x pilot operated check valve
  • 3x switching cam
  • 25 m hose 4 mm
  • 10 m hose 6 mm
  • Various fittings, T-pieces, Silencers, gaskets.
  • Storage box for small parts

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