Christiani Industry Model PLC Starter Kit 2
Compact Car Wash Line with Siemens LOGO! Control

Stand Alone Model
Item No.: 43544

The PLC starter kit 2 provides you with everything you need to control and regulate the car wash line. Together with the industry model, the Logo Learn Advanced, the Logo and all necessary connection cables are included and you also get the first tasks and an executable programme. This bundle is a perfect way to get started with automation. The simulation process can run in a loop and is therefore perfectly suited as a show model for exhibition rooms and trade fairs.

Note: Due to supply chain issues, this item currently has a significantly increased delivery time. An indication of the delivery dates cannot be given. If you have any questions, please contact your Area Sales Manager.

With Christiani industry models, you can teach almost all learning content as you would with a real automation system:

  • Requirements definition
  • Planning of the control system
  • Control selection
  • Programming of the system
  • Commissioning and start-up
  • Setting up and adjustment
  • Checking results

The PLC starter kit 2 is particularly suitable for use:

  • in vocational schools and for users without prior knowledge.
  • for users who would like to gain initial experience in the field of PLC programming.
  • 1 Siemens LOGO! 24/RC micro controller
  • 1 Programming software
  • 1 Ethernet cable
  • 1 LOGO! Learn Advanced training device (from IKH Lernsysteme) on stable aluminium bracket
  • 1 Plug-in power supply 230 V AC/12 V DC filter
  • Task

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