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The future of exams – what does it look like? One thing is clear: The digitalisation of education also offers opportunities for examinations. In the future, new media such as videos, animations, 3D images or even augmented or virtual reality could be used. This could also lead to completely new forms of examinations.

The Christiani Examination Hub will explore the question of the future of examinations with specialists. We want to exchange ideas, evaluate possibilities and discuss and test tomorrow’s examination forms in detail.

Goals of the Christiani Examination Hub

“Hub” means centre or junction; it also means main transshipment point or distribution centre. A hub thus defines a central place where connections converge and new directions can be taken.

The Christiani Examination Hub has the following objectives:

  • Networking of experts from industry and trade, associations, business, science and schools (think tank)
  • Exchange on forms of examination in German, European and international education systems
  • Looking at all aspects of examinations – written, oral, practical and by means of new technology
  • Weighing up the opportunities and challenges in the digitalisation of examinations
  • Initiation of concrete cooperation projects
  • Review

    1st Christiani Examination Hub, 11th of October 2021

    Digital examination in dual training? Advantages and challenges

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  • Review

    2nd Christiani Examination Hub, 18th of May 2022

    The future of examinations in crafts and industry? Possibilities, trends, hurdles

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