Digital learning with the Christiani Learning Portal

Digital learning – anytime, anywhere!

Digital media often have decisive advantages in learning: Processes and procedures can be visualised more clearly on the screen than on paper, exercises and tests can be carried out and evaluated more easily, learning becomes networked and interactive. With the E-learnings, we usefully supplement the traditional media in vocational education and training.

The Christiani Learning App – your hub for all digital learning content.

By using the Christiani Learning App, you can easily access all the digital content you have purchased from Christiani from anywhere. It also helps you to pick up your trainees where they often are: in the digital world. In this way, you increase your trainees’ motivation at the same time. Available free of charge for iOS, Android or Windows.

Via the C-Learning app you may access:

Learning Portal

Your flexible solution for digital learning

With the Christiani Learning Portal, trainees can deepen and test their knowledge. The learning portal contains learning modules on various technical topics in different languages. Since the content is available online, the trainee can access it from anywhere. Companies therefore do not need their own platform or any kind of installation to be able to use the learning portal.

The advantages of the Christiani Learning Portal:

  • No installation necessary
  • Learning content is continuously updated
  • Flexible learning, wherever and whenever required
  • Positive influence on learning success
  • Cost-effective licences from as little as 1 user/year
  • Extension of the period of use possible at any time
Demo versions
Our E-Learnings

MOLA – The digital library

MOLA is the digital library for technical education. The content of MOLA is available via the Christiani Learning App.

What does MOLA offer you?

  • MOLA is a media library and project tool in one
  • All content and information always compactly available on the tablet
  • Print documents are stored digitally – you always have them at your fingertips.
  • Enriched with additional information through links at the appropriate places
  • Content is supplemented by videos, short learning sequences and tests
  • E-Learnings can also be used offline via MOLA

We offer the following content at the moment:

  • Specialist books
  • Company training courses
  • Metal Trades Handbook

MOLA – Example of applications

Table Book

Metal Trades Handbook

The Christiani Table Book Metal Technology is now also available in the digital version with the corresponding collection of formulas. The table book is perfectly suited for teaching the basics.

Specialist Books

The Basics of Metal Technology and Electrical Engineering – now also DIGITAL

The Christiani specialist books in the fields of metal technology and electrical engineering are the ideal way to teach the basics during vocational training.

Company Training Courses

Commenting and Marking in the App

Company training courses are now digital as well. With the purchase of our digital company training courses the trainer receives access to the slides and solutions in the Christiani Learning App.

EXPLA – The examination hub

Ideal preparation for exams

EXPLA offers the digital alternative to printed task collections or self-assembled tests and exercises. With EXPLA, every trainee can effectively test his or her acquired knowledge, identify gaps and thus optimally prepare for the examination. There are convenient evaluation tools for the company and the trainer.

EXPLA is the flexible online platform that allows you to prepare your trainees for exams in a systematic way. You can also use EXPLA to test potential trainee applicants for their suitability. We offer ready-made exercise packages for checking knowledge levels. For metal and electrical occupations, digital task collections serve as preparation for the final examinations.

Trainees can complete the exercises using EXPLA-Test for Windows. The exercises are scored automatically so that the results of the tests are available in real time. After purchasing the individual task packages, the trainees log in with the EXPLA-Test software (download) and download the tasks.

With the free instructor access included, you can view the results of your trainees directly. The trainee receives his evaluation on his device directly after completing the exercise.

For more information on the available EXPLA task packages, get in touch with your Area Sales Manager!

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