Digital Learning in Vocational Training and Education

It’s time to focus on digital learning and teach the learning content with the help of state-of-the-art and flexible programs.

Vocational Training of the Future

The ongoing development in the area of technology and digitization often progresses faster than it is taken into account in the curriculum. The integration of digital media is also still given low priority by many companies. As a result, there is a discrepancy between the skills taught during training and those that will be important later in professional life. This gap needs to be closed.

  • Digital

    moves into the spotlight

  • Virtual Reality

    will find its way into vocational training

  • Media offer

    complement each other and will steadily grow stronger

  • Connection of media and workshop

    is getting bigger and bigger

Opportunities in Vocational Training

Digital media in vocational education and training offer a great opportunity for trainers, teachers and trainees:

  • Flexible learning at any time and anywhere
  • Learning becomes interactive and collaborative
  • Facilitated learning processes
  • Complex content and processes can be visualized more clearly and efficiently digitally than on paper

Better collaboration and interaction between trainers and trainees

Exercises and tests can be performed and evaluated more easily

Tailor-made learning environment adapted to individual needs

Become Established now as a Modern and Digital Educational Institution

  • Attract motivated talent to your company

  • Actively preventing the shortage of skilled workers

  • Trainees achieve a sound basic vocational education and thus improve their internal work performance

The Learning Portal

for Vocational Education and Training

C-LEARNING combines all of Christiani’s digital learning media in a single portal. E-learning courses as well as digital books, training courses and project work can be easily accessed via the browser.

Learn more now!

The C-LEARNING learning portal contains all of Christiani’s digital learning content.

  • E-Learning courses
  • Media library
  • Project work (digital documents)
  • Training courses (digital documents)


Platform for Exam Preparation

EXPLA is the flexible online platform that you can use to prepare your trainees specifically for exams. With EXPLA, every trainee can effectively test their acquired knowledge, identify gaps and thus optimally prepare for the exam.


Easy management of tasks, trainees and tests

Automatic evaluation of many task types

Free included trainer access, which allows trainees' results to be viewed directly

Functions and statistics customizable to customer needs


  • Predesigned exercise packages to check the level of knowledge

  • Suitability tests for trainee applicants

  • Evaluation tools for the trainer

Making Theoretical Knowledge Accessible with Realistic Simulations

Our unique simulation software products for vocational training and further training enable trainees to practice theoretically, yet close to real-life situations. Realistic simulations support the connection to real everyday work and give your trainees a confident feeling when applying the learning content in practice.

  • Close to reality simulation

  • Making theoretical knowledge tangible

  • Independent and individual learning

  • Practice without major consequences

Virtual Learning – Augmented and Virtual Reality in Vocational Education and Training

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) enable new digital learning concepts for vocational education and training in a virtually borderless environment. Especially in technical, craft and industrial professions, AR and VR offer broad interactive application possibilities.

  • Increases the trainees’ motivation to learn

  • Enables training in technical processes and on machines without risk of error (damaged equipment, injuries, etc.)

  • Teaches technical contexts effectively and sustainably

  • Practice without major consequences


C-LEARNING combines all of Christiani’s digital learning media in a single portal. E-learning courses as well as digital books, training courses and project work can be easily accessed via a central browser.