Training Stand VW Sensors/Actuators

Item No.: 81979

The training stand consists of a networked system of engine management system and brake control unit on the basis of the Golf 6 1.4 with power output of 59 KW. The objective of this training stand is to target training of the IPO principle (Input- Processing-Output) and provide visible examples of this. The components fitted are colour coded based on their respective task. The front panel is also laminated with a printed film and can be written on using water-soluble pens.
All components are connected and labelled as per the original Volkswagen circuit diagram. The connection has been implemented using plug connections with measuring sockets. These allow the signals to be measured, recorded or visualised using a multimeter or oscilloscope. All measured values are also to be exported to the measured value blocks via the OBD interface using a suitable diagnostics system.The rotary speed of the camshaft, as well as speed control for the pole wheel for the speed sensors are controlled using a potentiometer. Both forward and reverse travel can be simulated on the wheel speed sensors. The system is equipped with a stabilised 12 V switched-mode power supply for powering the drives.
The following are digitally printed on the front panel with circuit diagram:

Sensors: Hall sensor, inductive sensor, reed contact, knock sensor, NTC and PTC sensor, TPMS sensor, photosensors, pressure sensors, position indicators, angle sensors, hot-film mass airflow sensors, AMR sensors

Actuators: Ignition coils with power output stages, spark plugs in the Makrolon block and connection valves for underpressure and overpressure, electromotive throttle controller, transducer, injection valve, brake control unit, instrument cluster

One analogue and one digital hot-film mass airflow sensor are also fitted (HFM 5 and HFM 6). These serve as supplementary units and are not directly linked to the engine management system assembled. The functional model is activated via the operator panel, which includes the ignition starter switch, the interfaces for OBD and trainee measuring stations, as well as an emergency-off switch.

  • Working with wiring diagrams, symbols, terminal designations, wires and wiring connections
  • Measuring electrical variables and signals, as well at their documentation and evaluation
  • Making use of the possibilities offered by standard workshop measurement and diagnostic equipment
  • Identifying individual components and learning about their operating characteristics and parameters
  • Examining individual components and making a decision about necessary repair measures
  • Motor vehicle mechatronics technician with focus on passenger car technology
  • Automotive mechatronics technician with focus on system and high-voltage technology
  • Working with maintenance plans, circuit diagrams, circuit symbols, terminal designations, cables, cable connections
  • Naming electrical and electronic components, assemblies and systems
  • Selecting and using electrical measuring and testing equipment
  • Measurement and evaluation of electrical quantities and signals
  • Documentation of work results and evaluations by comparison with calculated values and manufacturer's specifications
  • Documentation, analysis and evaluation of measured values, signals and error logs

Immediately usable and mobile functional model incl. voltage stabilized 12 V switching power supply, data sheets, circuit diagrams, manual and operating instructions.

  • Immediately operational and mobile functional model
  • Voltage stabilized switching power supply
  • Front side writable with foil pens
  • OBD diagnostic interface
  • Interface for practice measuring stations

  • Dimensions: L x W x H 1600 x 800 x 1950 mm
  • Weight: approx. 160 kg
  • Electrical connection: 110/ 240 V mains connection