Item No.: 77582

Learning Unit with Steel Plate
with Power Supply and Interior Cabinet

for Plastic Dowels

The learning unit is the flexible solution for practical training: The mobile workstation can be set up in just a few steps. With the side panels opened up, the learning unit offers four workstations, each with a working area of over 5 m², on which one or two students/trainees can work. When the learning unit is not in use, it can be folded up to the basic format of approx. 1 m² and stowed away to save space.

The work surfaces are available in different versions. Depending on the hole pattern, there are matching dowels: patented steel dowels with M8 internal thread for the HVAC and metal areas as well as plastic plugs for the electrical area.

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Basic idea and concept:

Since the introduction of the learning fields, multifunctional rooms for training have been required. Theoretical and practical training should be able to be carried out in the same room. However, the existing room sizes often do not allow this.

With the development of a mobile learning location, both situations can be taught in one room. The teacher/trainer can demonstrate his lessons at this learning location - the Christiani Learning Unit. By adding further learning units, the learners can deepen their knowledge of the subject matter or practise and test training situations. The learning unit consists of a square body on wheels. The work surfaces made of galvanized sheet steel can be opened up and used on both sides.

More than 5 m² of work space is available on each of the four sides. One or two learners per side can practice the practical implementation of an assignment.

For the development of the learning unit it was a prerequisite that the learner can carry out practical work to a large extent, as in a company or on a "construction site". The use of materials from industry and trade is therefore planned.

The work surfaces are available with different hole patterns and dowel systems. In particular for the HVAC and metal areas, there are patented steel plugs with M8 internal thread. Plastic plugs are offered for the electrical sector. When not in use, the learning unit can be folded up and stowed away accordingly using the transport rollers. The required storage space is only about one square metre.

Description and design:

  • Four single-sided work surfaces on the body: two rigid and two hinged, with access to the inner cabinet for storing work materials
  • Four hinged double work surfaces
  • Lockable door work surfaces
  • Work tables, shelves etc. can be suspended in all surfaces
  • Mobile body made of welded square steel tube, 30 x 30 mm
  • Lockable wheels for immovable positioning
  • Footprint (folded) approx. < 1 m²
  • Slotted hole pattern for plastic dowels
  • Power supply unit with 4 x 2 earthed sockets (230 V), 4 x CEE socket (400 V) and 4 x emergency stop, 1 x motor protection, 1 x type B RCD switch, all electrics lockable via key, phase control lamps
  • Two-part interior cabinet with drawers, shelves and storage space
Learning Objectives

The learning unit is a highly flexible workstation system. Experimental setups from different fields can be installed, e.g. electrical engineering, metal, HVAC, renewable energies, etc., in order to achieve the most diverse learning goals.

Suitable for

The learning island can be used for a wide variety of training and further education areas, e.g. in

  • Electronics
  • Metal
  • HVAC
  • Renewable Energies

The application is particularly intended for rooms that are to be used multifunctionally and where space is limited.

Scope of Delivery

Learning unit with work surfaces made of steel plates on rollers, with 4 fold-out doors and power supply and interior cabinet.

Technical Data

Dimensions (W x D x H):

  • Folded: approx. 920 x 920 x 1,990 mm
  • Completely unfolded: approx. 2,500 x 2,500 x 1,990 mm


  • approx. 350 kg


  • 1 x 400 V, 3-phase, via CEE plug (from above)

Output (per workstation):

  • 1 x CEE socket 400 V
  • 2 x earthed socket 230 V
  • Emergency stop button

Fuse and switching unit:

  • 1 x Type B RCD switch
  • 1 x motor protection switch
  • Key switch
  • Phase control lamps

Two-part interior cabinet, consisting of:

  • 3 high drawers
  • 9 shallow drawers
  • 4 shelves

Hole pattern

  • Electric hole pattern with oval perforation 14 x 5 mm only for plastic dowels.

Other hole patterns according to customer requirements are possible.