Experiencing energy technology for yourself and learning how to deal with energy technologies is the demand placed on our teaching systems for the basic teaching of the subject of energy. Using learning cases and teaching systems, students and trainees learn important parameters, technical terms and contexts and what it means to generate energy. The combination with the didactic teaching aids and experiment instructions makes the introduction to the topic of energy and the use of regenerative energy sources particularly clear.

Item No.: 75636
Basic Configuration
Item No.: 76704
Extended Basic Configuration
Item No.: 82371
incl. Compontents for Off-grid and On-grid Systems
Item No.: 97437
Training Case
Item No.: 93800
Basic Configuration with USB Interface
Item No.: 82806
Documents for the Students
Item No.: 92957
Documents for the Teacher
Item No.: 92958
Documents for the Students
Item No.: 77493
Supplement for Solar Power Case/Generator Bike/Energy Trainer
Item No.: 77495
Supplement for Solar Power Case/Generator Bike
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