Teaching Renewable Energies and Sanition Technology in a Practical Way

The training concepts for renewable energies and sanitation technology are in line with the newest technologies. For ideal conditions in vocational training and further training, our training stands, and systems feature very realistic equipment, so that processes can be simulated and explained comprehensively. The key topics are photovoltaics and sanitation technology. In addition to the hardware for technical training labs, supplementing documentations, handbooks and work books in various languages are available.

For vocational training in the fields of renewable energies and sanitation technology, our product range includes the following offers:

  • Experiment manuals
  • Learning cases
  • Training stands
  • Teaching systems
  • Tools and measuring equipment

Experience Renewable Energies and Sanitation Technology in a Practical Way

Photovoltaics, heating systems with pellets or geothermal energy and other renewable energy sources: With the diversity of renewable energy technologies, the technical demands on the personnel who plan, install, commission, and maintain the corresponding systems are also growing. As a technical institute for vocational training and further training, our goal is to develop practical and versatile teaching and training systems for professions in the field of renewable energy. With our functional kits, laboratory tables and training stands, pupils, students, trainees, and skilled workers learn about different aspects of the technologies - depending on the teaching system, from the basic understanding of energy technology to specialist knowledge for professionals. Thus, our teaching materials are used in basic technical education or training as well as in further training for renewable energy professions.

Basic Knowledge of Energy Technology and Solar Technology

The energy revolution is a topic that is explosive today and will remain so tomorrow. This makes it even more important to introduce children and young people to renewable energies as early as possible. Anyone who has ever experienced how sweaty it is to operate a kettle with their own muscle power on the "energy wheel" will get a feel for energy production.

Building on the basic knowledge of photovoltaic and energy technology, we offer a wide range of teaching materials for vocational training and further training. The product range reaches from teaching systems, training stands to test instructions and specialist books for in-depth training in the fields of sanitation technology, heating, air conditioning and renewable energies. In addition, our teaching systems are also used in professional training and for international development projects.

Teaching Systems for the Teaching of Modern Heating Technology

We pay particular attention to equipping the training systems on which future sanitation and heating system mechanics learn their trade with the latest technology in a practical manner. We develop our training stands and other training systems with this claim in mind. These teaching systems make it possible to convey not only the theoretical basics, but also practical experience and specific skills.

Other countries - Other Sanitation and Heating Systems

Depending on the system and environmental requirements, we adapt our sanitation and heating systems for worldwide use. Your customer consultant is looking forward to your inquiry and will be happy to advise you.

Technical Training Lab Concepts for Renewable Energies and Sanitation Technology

Our technical training labs provide an ideal training and learning environment: whether for renewable energies, sanitation technology, heating, air conditioning, electrical engineering or other areas: We develop the technical training labs according to the needs of our customers - turnkey solutions from consulting and needs analysis to design and implementation as well as train-the-trainer courses.