Item No.: 99895

Project Work Helicopter
Material Kit + Documents for the Trainee


Our most popular project work is an ideal entry-level project work that teaches your trainees or interns basic knowledge in the manual manufacturing processes of components such as scribing, center punching, sawing, filing, thread cutting as well as sheet metal working within one week. Step by step, a detailed model of a helicopter is created.The project documents, which are based on the complete action model, support your trainees in the action-oriented execution of this project work. The special kick of this model is the solar-powered electric motor that brings the helicopter's rotor blades to life in an environmentally friendly way in sunlight.

Degree of difficulty: easy

Processing time: approx. 2 weeks

In case you need the documents in another language, please contact your Area Sales Manager to discuss the possibility of a translation.

Learning Objectives
  • Operational and technical communication
  • Planning and organizing work, evaluating work results
  • Checking, evaluating and documenting work results
  • Selecting and using test methods and equipment
  • Manufacture components and assemblies
  • Manufacture workpieces using manual and mechanical manufacturing processes
  • Joining components made of different materials to form assemblies
  • Assembling electronic components
Scope of Delivery
  • 24-piece material kit
  • All semi-finished products and standard parts required for the manufacture of the helicopter
  • Solar cell and solar motor to drive the rotor
  • Documents for the trainee
  • Task description for action-oriented project tasks
  • Assembly drawings
  • Production drawings
  • Parts lists
  • References to qualification modules and media
  • Guiding questions
  • Work planning documents
  • Documentation templates
  • Evaluation form for self-assessment and external assessment
  • Guideline and forms for the technical discussion