Teaching Materials for Exciting Physics Lessons

Discover, experiment and experience physics - with our technical media and learning concepts you can create interesting lessons that will be remembered. Experiments are a central and important aspect of any good physics lesson. Impressive demonstration experiments can inspire a class with enthusiasm for physics and the natural sciences and carrying out the experiments independently improves the understanding of physical laws. Therefore, we offer a wide range of products for demonstration and student experiments. Student workbooks and compact experiment descriptions support you in the preparation and execution of lessons.

Physics Lessons from a Case

Students can carry out numerous basic experiments on their own with our robust and high-quality cases:

Our equipment sets are delivered clearly and safely stored in plastic cases with device shaped two-coloured and high-contrast foam inserts. You will notice missing parts immediately. The cases can be stored in a space-saving manner. Matching student workbooks help you to prepare and conduct your lessons.

For an exciting physics lesson, we offer you a wide range of high-quality and durable physics teaching materials. At Christiani you can also access exclusive in-house developments. Use our power and ideas for your lessons!

Plug-in Element System for Students

Our unique plug-in element system with the corresponding boxes provides an extremely clear possibility to carry out intuitive experiments in the field of electrics and electronics. Wiring and circuit symbols are printed clearly visible on the plug-in elements and individual boxes. Different switch boxes are available for numerous topics (such as doorbells, motors, relays, and transformer circuits). This allows your students to concentrate fully on the physical basics during construction.