German Standard Professional Technical Training

The US has a proud apprenticeship history. However, this tradition has largely been lost. The American apprenticeship system was closely linked to the labour unions, which have been in a sharp decline since the end of the 20th century. Successive efforts to encourage more people to pursue four-year university degrees have made both apprenticeships and other alternatives appear inferior.

Currently, there are more than 505,000 active apprentices in the United States and 450,000 in Canada. By comparison, there are about 1.3 million apprentices in Germany - about ten times more than in the USA per capita of the population. Young North American workers in many equivalent jobs are usually simply trained on the job. However, in recent years, many politicians are now convinced that it is problematic not to have a formal educational component in such training. To provide young people with better professional technical training, the US government is supporting several apprenticeship programs directly.

In the US, Christiani supports the Chicago Chamber of Commerce and the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce in their apprenticeship programs ICATT and GA CATT. Christiani is assisting the Chambers of Commerce of Chicago and Atlanta in supplying German and US industrial customers with teaching materials, especially in the field of metalworking, who want to train their apprentices according to the German Dual System. Christiani also provides examination material for both Chambers of Commerce.

In Canada, Christiani works together with its exclusive partner Educational Training Systems Inc., mainly in the field of automation technology. The customers there are mainly from the practice-oriented college and university sector or from the industrial sector.

Our products are designed for the European market and meet CE requirements. For international use, regional regulations apply which must be observed. The usability of the products shown must therefore be checked in advance.

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