Competence in Skill-Based Learning and Practice-Oriented Training

As holistic provider for technical education Christiani supports educational institutions, such as colleges and universities in providing competency-based and action-based training according to the standards of the dual German educational system.

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Christiani is known for its high-class and practice-oriented education and training concepts in the fields of:

Our experience and know-how as well as our comprehensive offer of educational materials make us a reliable partner for educational institutions and industries all over the world. Universities and colleges as well as small and medium-sized companies trust in our quality for their skill-based and competency-based training of their students and trainees.

Action-Based Education and Training Made in Germany

With our didactic concepts and teaching materials we offer extensive solutions to accompany people in their lifelong learning process – in college, at university and during their professional life.

The integral approach of Christiani is to offer hardware in combination with adequate didactic teaching materials to ensure a complete didactic concept for skill-based technical education. Thus, Christiani is a provider for educational teaching and training systems combined with suitable interactive learning programs, textbooks, and project works.