The FiloCUT System - State-of-the-art CNC Technology

The FiloCUT system is a very easy to use CNC melt cutting system for polystyrene foam. It is the motivating tool for students to acquire future-oriented skills. With the FiloCUT3, trainees are optimally picked up in their technical training from their school basics and guided through CNC programming up to CAD/CAM production. FiloCUT has proven itself for 25 years as CNC technology in training. With the easy-to-operate FiloCUT3 fusion cutting machine and the pedagogically structured, configured FiloCAM program, it is possible to experience modern production technology in an acting and product-oriented way.

FiloCUT/FiloCAM system is particularly suitable for the following topics:

  • Mathematics to understand
  • Programming with tangible results
  • Create experiment objects yourself
  • Practically developing technical systems thinking
  • Foster three-dimensional imagination and creativity

The integral approach, from the idea to the development and optimization to the finished technical product, opens up a new, creative approach to technology for pupils, trainees or students. Functional models and elements for technical experiments as self-produced media can now be produced quickly and precisely.

Easy Entry into CNC Practice

When entering the direct G-code programming, the FiloCUT/FiloCAM system ensures quick and hands-on experience. Consequences of errors can be seen in the result, but without effect on the machine. Damage to the tool, machine or operator is excluded. The costs for a new production are minimal (little loss of time for new production, low material costs).


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