Learning about Technology - Technical Education Right from the Beginning

To us, scientific and technical education from the very beginning means: introducing children and young people to the exciting questions of science and technology as early as possible. We want to give young people the great potential and opportunities that lie in the STEM subjects of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in the future.

Experiment and Discover what Physics Makes Possible

Experiments are part of every good physics lesson. Demonstration experiments can get a class excited about physics and science. Performing the experiments independently promotes the understanding of physical laws even more. Therefore, we offer a wide range of physics teaching materials for demonstrations and student experiments. Workbooks, worksheets, and compact experiment descriptions support you in preparing your lessons and carrying out the experiments.

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Coding and Robotics - Our Building Blocks for Sustainable Education

We at Christiani give teachers everything they need to teach the contents of coding and robotics in a professional and didactically superior way. We want to support teachers in inspiring pupils for technology in order to prepare them in the best possible way for their professional life.

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The FiloCUT System - State-of-the-art CNC Technology

The FiloCUT system is a very easy to use CNC melt cutting system for polystyrene foam. It is the motivating tool for students to acquire future-oriented skills. With the FiloCUT3, trainees are optimally picked up in their technical training from their school basics and guided through CNC programming up to CAD/CAM production. FiloCUT has proven itself for 25 years as CNC technology in training. With the easy-to-operate FiloCUT3 fusion cutting machine and the pedagogically structured, configured FiloCAM program, it is possible to experience modern production technology in an acting and product-oriented way.

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