Train-the-trainer in Automation Technology

Our training courses and workshops allow extensive insights into the fascinating world of automation technology and Industry 4.0. The listed workshops and modules are ONLY offered in combination with the corresponding Christiani hardware.


  • Workshop Industry 4.0 (EXPERT COURSE) - Suggested Duration: 4 Days

    • Practical training sessions using Industry Models designed by Christiani for vocational education and training
    • Introduction, system networking and order entry, material flow, robot application and assembly storage system & strategy, disassembly, and safety
    • Application of Industry 4.0 concept (IO-link, smart light & SCADA system and more)
  • Industry 4.0 Concept - Suggested Duration: 1 Day

    • How to setup OPCUA server in PLC S71200 Learning concept of OPCUA
    • How to create visual dashboard in the computer and reading/writing PLC Tags using open source OPC Client
    • How to monitor status of your PLC in your mobile phone using open source OPC Client
    • How to create MQTT internal cloud for the PLC application
    • How to read/write values of PLC via MQTT (using computer or phone)
  • Industrial Example - Suggested Duration: 1 Day

    • Understanding application of Sensors, Actuators, PLC, HMI, OPC-UA Server, OPC-UA Client, Visual dashboard, MQTT via SSC 4.0 or UbiFactory
    • Practicing PLC Programming in FACTORY I/O Industrial environment
  • PLC Siemens S7-1200 - Suggested Duration: 1 Day

    • Understanding PLC wiring fundamentals
    • Sensor/Actuator wiring to the PLC
    • PLC Programming via TIA Portal (Ladder, FBD, SCL and Graph)
  • HMI Siemens Comfort TP700 - Suggested Duration: 1/2 Day

    • Interfacing HMI in PLC PROFINET network
    • HMI Screen designing and interfacing with PLC via TIA Portal
  • Robotics Basics - Suggested Duration: 1 Day

    • Understanding UR5 Robot on Ubifactory o How to initialize the Robot
    • How to program UR5 Robot using Robot Touch panel
    • Basic Programming Exercise
    • Practice Robot programs in UR5 simulation software
  • Understanding IOLink - Suggested Duration: 1/2 Day
    • IOLink – master Installation and configuration with PLC
    • IOLink – sensor installation and configuration with IOLink master
    • IOLink – actuator Installation and configuration with IOLink master

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact the person responsible for your region!