The Christiani Academy is a modern educational institution for the targeted qualification of technical and educational professionals. As Germany’s oldest distance learning institute, Christiani can look back on a long and successful tradition in the field of professional training.

Our strength and expertise is the qualification and further training of skilled workers and trainers. We develop further training concepts for the qualification of personnel, both in the technical and in the vocational pedagogical area.

Christiani Academy

The Full Range of Products for Training:

  • Technical Training
  • Vocational Pedagogical Training
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality Training

Qualifying Skilled Workers through Further Training

We train technical specialists in the areas of PLC technology, electrical engineering, automation technology, metal technology, hydraulics, (electro) pneumatics, control technology and 3D technology/CAD. Furthermore, we offer a continuous programme for the further training of vocational trainers, ranging from instructor qualification and further training as a learning process facilitator to certified training and further education pedagogue and certified training vocational pedagogue.

Further Training as the Key to Securing Skilled Workers

Further training of employees is an important building block for the development of a company. Well-trained and qualified specialists ensure smooth processes and lay the foundation for further growth. Training staff oneself or training specialists from within the company is considered a suitable measure to make the company largely independent of the highly competitive personnel market.

Training in Locations Around the World

Our offers enable further education at different locations all over the world:

  • Courses with supervision (blended learning) – worldwide
  • Webinars and online courses – from anywhere in the world
  • Specialised literature

Individual Solutions

  • We develop individual solutions for the further training of staff in companies, educational institutions and other institutions.
  • We train technical specialists and trainers.
  • We support trainers in their work with targeted qualification measures.
  • We enable companies and educational institutions around the world to work according to the German dual training model.
  • For the training of several participants, we put together an individual further training programme from existing workshop modules. Or we develop our own learning content according to our clients’ requirements.

Education by Experts:

  • For 90 years
  • Personal support
  • Individual solutions
  • Practical
  • Global training
  • Analogue, digital or virtual