XR Lab

Training lab for extended reality learning

The XR Lab gives your company/organisation the opportunity to test training concepts and content as virtual reality and augmented reality applications in a appropriate setting and to integrate them into everyday vocational and further training. In the XR Lab, you can not only use existing VR/AR/360° learning applications, but also create your own learning content.

The XR Lab is an experience and learning space for immersive learning, which opens up new potentials for teachers and learners and contributes significantly to learning success and motivation.

Together with our partner, the Institute for Immersive Learning, we can also certify your XR Lab. Feel free to contact us and let us advise you.

Our building blocks

  • Requirements analysis

  • Planning and consulting

  • Design and implementation

  • AR/VR workshops and training concepts

  • Certification of the XR Lab as a teaching/learning environment for immersive learning

  • Customer service and 12-month warranty for the AR/VR hardware


  • approx. 80 m²

  • 6 trainees

Suitable for

  • Technical and non-technical vocational education and training

  • Learning scenarios in vocational and general school forms


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