Christiani Training Labs

Training labs for technical education in companies, colleges, universities and training centres

Fachräume für die technische Bildung in Schulen und Berufsschulen

Training labs, classrooms, laboratories and workshops are educational spaces, spaces in which vocational training and further training come to life. Rooms that are planned and designed so that teaching and learning can take place under the best possible conditions. Rooms that ideally prepare learners for the demands of their technical profession. With state-of-the-art technical equipment, with practical teaching systems and with didactically prepared materials.

From individual training labs and workshops to complete training centres: we work passionately on the realisation of your educational spaces. We are your expert and driving force for educational solutions in technical education and training.

You have a clear idea of what an ideal training lab should be like? A teaching room, lab or workshop in the 21st century. A training workshop where learners can acquire the technical basics and knowledge for the overall process that they need for their training and later profession.

On this website, we offer suggestions and present concrete training lab solutions. Of course, we will advise you comprehensively – gladly from the very first preliminary considerations!

Christiani offers

  • Requirements analysis
  • Training courses for trainers
  • Budget planning

  • One contact partner: Project support from the start until handover

  • Training lab planning – Idea for room design and equipment
  • Teaching systems, corresponding didactic documentation, tools, room equipment – all from one source

  • Support with workload calculations

Wir planen Ihre Fachräume und statten sie komplett aus.

Extensive planning for every room size

From the training lab to the complete training centre – we have a holistic mindset when it comes to the training lab solution. We plan and fully equip your training labs. From the tools to specialised media, training stands and teaching systems, as well as the required didactic handouts and documents.

With over 90 years of expertise and know-how in technical training, we can implement any technical training solution for you, with competent experts, technicians, masters, engineers and educators, who know what learning and teaching is all about.

Whether it’s a workshop, laboratory, learning factory or training centre: we can offer you a comprehensive service for your complete solution, from the fi rst consultation meeting to 3D design and completion.

As a service provider for technical examinations and as a specialist publisher, we have huge potential and a lot of expertise in technical training. We also bundle this experience into the planning and implementation of training lab solutions.

Practical teaching systems and the coordinated didactic media form the core of every training lab. When it comes to fitting the rooms out with furniture, equipment, systems and machines, you will benefit from the expertise and technology of our experienced partners.

Our set-up concept

  • Flexible, modular and extendible
  • Holistic in theory and practice
  • Proven its worth many times over
  • Ideally coordinated with the requirements of technical vocational and further training
  • Comprehensive from the technical set-up to furniture and the didactic documents and teaching aids

Practical learning environments for technical training

The requirements, expectations and objectives of vocational and further training are changing. Classical concepts, such as the
complete action model, still remain valid. But the focus is shifting. Other important skills are being added, which are required to ensure survival in a digitalised, collaborative and networked working world.

Digitalisation in training and education

There’s no getting around digitally assisted learning. The year 2020 rapidly accelerated some developments, such as remote learning and home-schooling. Much of the required learning content has already been implemented in digital media, such as apps, webinars, online training courses and virtual applications. Suitable for use in a training lab, classroom, workshop or for learning from home.

Digitalisierung in der Bildung

International use

The German success model of dual education is becoming increasingly popular in the international training market too. Many companies want to enable the same training standard at their sites across the globe too.

International training providers and companies want solutions for vocational and further training and, in particular, for train-the-trainer courses. We create media in a variety of languages, train trainers and set up training labs worldwide.

Training labs tailored to your individual requirements

The perfect interplay of equipment, furniture, systems, machines and didactic learning media enables us to realise your individual training lab.