Christiani E-Learning Courses

Christiani e-learning courses are interactive learning programs that are taught via the Internet and enable computer-based communication and cooperation between participants, trainees and trainers.

The main objective of our e-learning courses is to convey the required technical theory to the learners using a consistent concept, which also offers more independence and freedom.


  • Flexible solution for on the road, at work, at school or at home
  • Independent and individual learning
  • Learning content is continuously supplemented

Who uses E-Learning courses and where are they used?

The e-learning courses are suitable for all trainees in the vocational field of metal technology and automotive technology as well as for non-professionals and skilled workers. They were developed for use in large, medium-sized and small companies and vocational schools. In vocational schools, the modules can be used in both technical practice and theory. Their contents are optimally coordinated and, depending on the module, can be used in the first, second or both years of apprenticeship.

Our E-Learning Courses

You can take a detailed look at our extensive range of e-learnings courses for the fields of metal technology and automotive technology in the following.

E-Learning Course Metal Technology

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E-Learning Course Automotive Technology

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