C-LEARNING – Learning Starts with C

Central access to all digital learning content of Christiani.

The C-LEARNING learning portal allows you to conveniently control all the digital content you have purchased from Christiani. In addition, you are able to pick up your trainees where they spend a lot of time: in the digital world. In this way, you increase your trainees’ motivation at the same time.

With e-learning courses and digital learning success controls, we complement the classic media in training in a meaningful way.

Digital media offer decisive advantages when it comes to learning: Processes and procedures can be visualized more clearly on the screen than on paper, exercises and tests can be conducted and evaluated more easily, and learning becomes networked and interactive.

The C-LEARNING learning portal contains all of Christiani’s digital learning content:

  • E-Learning courses
  • Media library
  • Project work (digital documents)
  • Training courses (digital documents)

E-Learning Courses

C-LEARNING contains e-learning modules on various technical topics, available in different languages. Trainees can deepen and test their knowledge here.



Flexible learning - access on the road, at work, at school or at home

No installation required

Contents also in foreign languages

Learning content is complemented continuously

Cost-effective licenses starting from 1 user

Digital Specialist and Table Books, Project Work and Training Courses

Christiani’s digital books can be found centrally on c-learning.com in your courses, along with the e-learning courses. This way you can browse all your digital content and have quick access.


  • Digital specialist and table books
  • Digital documents for project work
  • Digital training courses
  • Digital experiment manuals

Using Digital Books Browser-Based

  • Works without an app and in the browser.

  • Usable on all mobile devices and PCs.

  • Digital books and e-learning courses can be accessed in a central place.

  • Multiple digital books can be used in parallel.

  • Some digital books are supplemented by videos, short learning sequences or tests.

  • Optimal for learning units and fixed training or classrooms.

Popular Digital Products

DIGITAL English - Annual License
Annual License for Schools/Companies per User - English
Text Book DIGITAL English - Annual License