With the start of April 2021, a project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) to develop an English-language Master’s degree program in Management & Teaching for international vocational education experts has been launched. The new degree program at TU Munich is part of the MasterVET program and is intended to strengthen the expertise of German universities in the field of vocational and business education.

The aim of the new master’s program is to give students from all over the world the opportunity to learn about the setup and structure of German dual vocational training. The course is aimed at those interested in the international vocational training community, specialists and managers from ministries and public institutions, as well as companies, vocational schools and educational institutions. As multipliers, graduates can participate in the processes of change in their respective countries’ vocational education and training systems and thus carry impulses from the German dual system out into the world.

Training Made in Germany

German vocational education and training has an excellent reputation worldwide and is specifically requested by countries. Within the framework of international cooperation in vocational education and training, the BMBF is an important contact for questions concerning the further development of dual training structures.

The German Federal Minister of Education, Karliczek, stated:

“Dual vocational education and training is at the heart of Germany’s economic performance. As an export-oriented nation, we would like to share the strengths of this successful model with other countries. It is a matter of concern to me that a stronger practical orientation during training is promoted all over the world. This benefits not only the respective countries, but also the German companies that depend on highly qualified specialists and managers on site. I am pleased that we are now promoting a corresponding master’s degree program at the TU Munich and can thus make our know-how available to other countries. […]”

The program starts in a blended learning format, alternating online and face-to-face phases. Based on concrete problems from everyday professional life, students will acquire competencies in the design, administration and management of vocational training processes. The master’s program is scheduled to start in the winter semester of 2022.

Christiani – the full-service provider for technical education and training

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Source: BMBF