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Order-№: 83910  
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Wooden with cross foot. Adjustable range of the bench support from 200 to 740 mm in steps of 60 mm.

  • Primary and secondary schools, schools of general education
  • Vocational schools
  • Vocational training centre
  • Adjustable range: from 200 to 740 mm in steps of 60 mm
  • Weight: 7kg
  • Bench support
  Order-Nr.  Name
 Workbench Model 1A (medium duty)   83904  Workbench Model 1A (medium duty) 
 Workbench Model 1B (medium duty   83905  Workbench Model 1B (medium duty 
 Workbench Model 2A (heavy duty)   83906  Workbench Model 2A (heavy duty) 
 Workbench Model 2B (heavy duty)   83907  Workbench Model 2B (heavy duty) 
 Workbench double sided   83908  Workbench double sided  

Fathi Jamal
Maiken Kayser
Nadja Parcsami
Sheng Wang