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Alongside the popular solar power case, the new solar power laboratory is a further impressive system from Christiani for teaching photovoltaics. The solar power laboratory makes it possible to learn about and comprehend both off-grid and on-grid technology by applications found in practice. An experienced and professional pedagogue has developed the components and the experimental set-ups together with solar engineering specialists. The comprehensive description provided for the experiments rounds of the overall didactic concept in an ideal manner. The technology used in the solar power laboratory has been matched to an optimum to the needs of practical applications in domestic engineering.

Possible uses for the Christiani solar power laboratory:

Entire classrooms can be fully equipped with laboratory workplaces. Christiani supplies the fitments required to fully equip such specialist rooms. We will gladly help you from the concept through to its realisation. The solar power laboratory can also be installed as single workplace for learning purposes both in companies as well as in educational institutes.

The fully equipped solar power laboratory workplace consists of:

  • Laboratory bench with power supply duct and breadboard wall
  • Roller containers for storing the modules
  • Solar power laboratory components for off-grid technology
  • Solar power laboratory components for on-grid technology
  • Experiment manual, teacher documents

Fathi Jamal
Maiken Kayser
Nadja Parcsami
Sheng Wang