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Energy Trainer
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With the energy trainer, pupils quickly get the hang of energy: The handy case is fi tted with a generator, which is operated via a crank handle. Various consumers can be operated with the self-generated electricity. Pupils learn the differences in energy requirements using their own exertions. How much more energy must the pupil generate in order to power a halogen lamp, compared with an LED lamp? How much power is required to heat a thermal resistor to 40 degrees Celsius? How much power to play music through an active loudspeaker?
The new didactic learning case from Christiani: ideal for teaching the basics of energy.

The pupils can...

  • Arrange electrical devices in order of the energy they consume
  • Integrate energy measurement values into his/her own concepts and experiences
  • Distinguish between energy-saving measures according to the efficiency of these
  • Develop an ability to judge energy-related issues by estimating, investigating and analysis
  • Draw conclusions regarding energy usage from the results
  • Calculate the power and the energy from the values measured for current, voltage and time
  • Physically experience and describe some of the basic principles of electrical engineering
  • All general schools from primary level upwards
  • Vocational colleges for all areas in which a basic understanding of energy is required
  • Company and industry training centres (training and further education)
  • Unions and associations in the areas of environmental protection, energy and energy technology

Basic equipment:

  • Manually operated energy trainer with generator for 12 Volt DC; Pmax = 35 Watt in a compact experimentation case
  • Measurement and switching board with triple LED indication of the optimum voltage generated by the crank handle
  • Analogue display for the current and voltage on the various consumers
  • Switchable heat generator on metal plate with digital temperature display and own solar power supply, serving as a sample application for photovoltaics
  • Further four switchable consumers via two 12-volt sockets, one LED lamp (12 V DC; 3 W) and a halogen lamp (12 V; 20 W)
  • Active loudspeaker with integrated MP3 player
  • Two screw clamps for fastening
  • Experiment manual

Fathi Jamal
Maiken Kayser
Nadja Parcsami
Sheng Wang