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LC2030 Training Process Automation
Order-№: 58689  
Price on request

Training Process Automation allows open- and closed-loop control with process automation system PAB or with the integrated simulation of the PAB system.

Requires additionally I/O-box ADIOS (#58081) and connecting cables.

Language: English/German

With the LC2030-Training, tasks from the field of open-loop and closed-loop control technology can be edited. The LC2030-Training allows you to work with the real training unit LC2030 or with a simulated system.
One can implement open-loop and sequence controls using GRAFCET- or Logic-plans for different exercises. The plans can be tested online with the real or the simulated training station.

In closed-loop control engineering level, flow and temperature control are available. The systems can be controlled with standard controllers P, I, PI, PID and two-point controller.

Open- and Closed-loop Control

  • Control with GRAFCET
  • Control with logic-plans
  • Level control
  • Flow control
  • Temperatue control

Adjustable Controller

  • P-controller
  • PI-controller
  • Two-point controller
  • I-controller
  • PID-controller

Closed-Loop Control:

  • Choice of process
  • Choice of controller
  • Examin process and controlled system
  • Graphical analysis of the stored measured values in a timing diagramm
  • Optimise closed loop control by changing the controller and the controller parameter

Open loop control with GRAFCET and Logic-Plans

  • Editing control with GRAFCET- or logic-plans
  • Activate GRAFCET- or logic-plans
  • Test and monitoring the actual control

Connecting to the real training unit LC2030 or the integrated simulated system

  • The software allows to work with the simulated training unit or
  • to connect the real training unit LC2030 to the PC via an I/O-Board

All exercises of open and closed loop control can be executed with the real training unit LC2030 as well as with the software simulated system.

PC Intel Pentium® or compatible CPU, min. 250 MHz, min. 128 MB RAM (OS dependent) with Windows® NT Version 4.0 SP 6.0A or Windows® 2000 or Windows® 2003 or Windows® XP or Windows® Vista or Windows ® 7

Fathi Jamal
Maiken Kayser
Nadja Parcsami
Sheng Wang