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S7-1200 Motor control
Order-№: 58617  
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  • for plugging into the S7-1200 Trainer
  • exercises and solutions on CD
  • jog/continuous operation of a DC motor
  • detecting the direction of rotation of a motor
  • reversing contactor circuit
  • surface grinding machine
  • controlling a reversing drive

The Plug-On Module "Motor control" can be plugged easily on the interface connector (24-pin) of the PLC-Trainer 1200. The speed of the assembled DC motor can initially be controlled by a potentiometer. By slide switch "PMW" the pulse-width modulation can be activated. Then the speed of the motor can be continuously controlled with the help of the SIMATIC S7-1200 from 0 to Max (e.g. controlled ramp). By switching a further switch on the Plug-On Module to "Ext." the DC motor can be continuously controlled by an external voltage from 0 to 10V/DC. The perforated disc on the driving shaft passes through two fork light barriers. So a real detection of direction and speed is possible. The rotation is visually indicated by two integrated LEDs.

The following practical examples with solutions are available:

  • Inching/continuous operation of a DC motor
  • Rotation detection of a motor
  • Reversing contactor circuit, switch over via Off
  • Surface grinding machine
  • Control of a reverse drive
  • Rotation detection of a low-speed shaft
  • Variable speed control with PWM
  • PLC-programming
  • Operating voltage 24V/DC
  • Max. revolutions per minute: 75
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 90 x 100 x 45 mm
  • Weight: 0.1 kg
  • Plug-On Module "Motor 2 - PWM"
  • CD with 7 practical samples (English/German)
  Order-Nr.  Name
 S7-1200 Trainer   (without S7-1200)   58591  S7-1200 Trainer
(without S7-1200)
  Order-Nr.  Name
 S7-1200 Traffic light control   58616  S7-1200 Traffic light control 

Fathi Jamal
Maiken Kayser
Nadja Parcsami
Sheng Wang