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314C-2 PN/DP CPU Trainer Package
Order-№: 59714  
Price on request

The trainer package from the Siemens SCE Programme, offering an affordable entry into the world of PLC technology with SIMATIC S7-300.

Peripheral assemblies can be connected decentrally via the integrated PROFINET/PROFIBUS DP interface.

As is the case with all SIMATIC S7 systems, programming is performed using STEP 7.

The 314C-2 PN/DP compact CPU is particularly well suited to tasks that require fast counting/measurement with direct access to the hardware counters. It facilitates easy positioning with direct control of the MICROMASTER frequency converters and includes PID control with an integrated function module. Ideal for strict requirements in terms of processing power and response speed.

Please note that special licensing rules apply for these products. Please download the accompanying Licence Agreement:

License Agreement

Please sign and stamp it and submit it together with your order. No sales to private individuals.

  • Counting, frequency measurement
  • Control, positioning
  • Pulse-width modulation
  • Pulse generator
  • 24 digital inputs, 4 of which are fast counters
  • 16 digital outputs, 4 of which are fast outputs
  • 4 analogue inputs
  • 2 analogue outputs
  • Combined MPI/PROFIBUS DP interface on board
  • 2 PROFINET ports for line structures

Technology functions:

  • To operate and service automated systems
  • To service automated systems and eliminate any faults
  • To install and operate automated systems
  • To plan automation systems
  • To configure the hardware and software of assemblies
  • To analyse and adjust IT systems
  • To make IT systems available

• 1 x 314C-2PN/DP CPU
• 1 x 512 KB micro memory card
• 1 x PS 307 power supply, 120/230 VAC, 24 VDC, 5 A
• 1 x SM374 simulator assembly
• 2 x 40-pole front plugs
• 1 x profile rail L= 480 mm 1x DIN rail L= 480 mm
• 1 x USB-MPI adapter, including 5 m connection cable

For programming SIMATIC STEP7 is required.

Fathi Jamal
Maiken Kayser
Nadja Parcsami
Sheng Wang