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Touchscreen Trainer Package TP 1500 Comfort
Order-№: 54093  
Price on request

The SCE trainer packages consist of:

  • A 15" widescreen colour touchscreen (TFT) with Profinet, Profibus and MPI interface
  • 16 million colours, 12 MB configuration memory
  • Windows CE 6.0, configurable from WinCC Comfort V12 onwards as well as
  • 1 x licence for the WinCC Advanced* engineering software
  • 1 x licence for the WinCC Advanced* optional/runtime software
  • 1 RJ45/RJ45, CAT 6 Ethernet cable, crossed, 6 m

* We deliver the current version by Siemens.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The TP 700 and TP 1500 can only be programmed and configured using WinCC Comfort, Advanced or Professional, version 12 or higher (TIA portal)

Please note that special licensing rules apply for these products. Please download the accompanying Licence Agreement:

License Agreement

Please sign and stamp it and submit it together with your order. No sales to private individuals.

For technical data and manuals click > here

  • Schools
  • colleges and universities
  • for in-house vocational training departments

Siemens product no.: 6AV2133-4BF00-0AA0

  • 1 Touch Panel TP1500 Comfort
  • 1 x Engineering, Option and Runtime software SW and license SIMATIC WinCC Advanced*
  • 1 x SIMATIC NET industrial ETHERNET TP XP CORD RJ45/RJ45, CAT 6, crossed TP cable 4X2, preassembled with 2 RJ45 connectors, length 6 m

  Order-Nr.  Name
 TP 700 "Comfort" Touchscreen Panel Trainer Package   54030  TP 700 "Comfort" Touchscreen Panel Trainer Package 

Fathi Jamal
Maiken Kayser
Nadja Parcsami
Sheng Wang