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Demonstration models: Mercedes Benz Actros / MAN TGA-TGS / DAF
Order-№: 83544  
Price on request

USED COMMERCIAL VEHICLE - Functional Model for training purposes with medium mileage and normal used vehicle condition from 2013 up to now

MAN TGS/TGA or Mercedes-Benz Actros or DAF Euro 5/6, from 320 HP

Long distance truck, semi-trailer, 4x2, Euro 5/6, from 320 HP

Left-hand drive, air suspension, tonnage 18t, standard

Commercial vehicle based on Mercedes Benz Actros, MAN TGA/TGS or DAF with cutaway cab. All control elements in the cab are built to be functional. All functions, electrical and pneumatic, are accessible via interfaces. The driver's seat is equipped with all electrical and pneumatic components. The lighting system is also fully functional. Engine control unit data, transmission control unit data and convenience bus data can be measured on the breakout boxes. The data and control signals of all installed devices can be read on the original OBD interface, using the diagnosis tools from the respective manufacturer and for encoding the control units and other components. Diagnosis tools from manufacturers such as Bosch, Gutmann etc. can also be used. Please note that the maximum possible system depth can only be achieved with the diagnosis tools used by the manufacturer.

The following components are fitted:

  • Telligent gearshift mechanism
  • road toll recorder
  • tachograph
  • FleetBoard
  • hot-air auxiliary heater and all comfort and convenience extras expected on a well-equipped vehicle
  • If ordered the cab is partly cut sectioned and replaced by an aluminium frame made of high-strength extruded profiles (40/80)
  • The vehicle can be used for dynamometer tests (power output dynamometer, brake dynamometer) and is drivable without restriction

(!!!Test circuits only as there is no highway homologation!!!)

Price ex works plus VAT, delivery time: approx. 3-4 months, ex works, plus delivery costs

Complete functional commercial vehicle with or without a cut sectioned cab, didactically prepared for training purposes, with several breakout boxes for detecting of electrical and electronic signals from sensors, actuators and control units for measurement exercises, equipped with integrated fault circuits in various vehicle systems. The scope of delivery includes also a mobile tray table for a laptop or diagnosis system, and a mobile tray with dial gauges and connecting hoses for testing the pneumatic brake system.

Fault circuit:

To create training situations under real conditions, the functional models are equipped with several lockable fault switching boxes in different systems such as engine management, transmission control, pneumatic braking system and central electrical system. The operating noise generated by the fault circuit can be localized using standard workshop measuring instruments and diagnostic systems and detected by measurement using the supplied break-out boxes.

Overview of System errors:

  • fault circuit engine management system 24 Errors
  • fault circuit pneumatic brake system 8 Errors
  • fault circuit transmission control 8 Errors
  • fault circuit central electrical system 16 Errors

Fathi Jamal
Maiken Kayser
Nadja Parcsami
Sheng Wang